Haus Offboarding


The HAUS Offboarding template is a series of 18 fully customizable layout design templates for CANVA and/or Adobe Indesign.

What is it?

We have created an offboarding template to help small businesses and individuals streamline the process of wrapping up branding projects. This 18-page template for Adobe Indesign and Canva includes how to use the final versions of all the brand elements, and ensuring that your client has everything they need to maintain their brand going forward. The second part of offboarding is the project wrap-up. In this phase, you will tie up loose ends, review the project results, offer further services, and our template will help you do just that efficiently and effectively. Our offboarding template takes the guesswork out of wrapping up a project and simplifies the entire process. 

The template features real text which means that you can easily integrate it into your offboarding process. The slides are easy to edit and you can change the colors to match your brand.

This layout template is fully customizable which means you can tailor your deck to each client.

What can i customize?

You can move, edit or change all the elements in our templates. The colors are fully editable so you can change the palette to suit your need. Like all Studio Standard templates, it’s fully editable, utilizing character, paragraph and object styles for easy font-style customizations too.

What sizes does it come in?
Does it include the photos?

No, the photographs are for illustrative purposes only. Your template will have basic placeholders in place of photographs.

18 Slides in total
2 Cover Color Options
Real Text
1920 x 1080px
Compatible with CANVA and Indesign CS4, CS5, CS5.5, CS6 and CC 
Includes an .IDML file
Paragraph, Character and Object Styles
Edit brand colors through palette  
Aligned to a Column and Baseline Grid 
Master Pages 
Images, Text and Background on separate layers
Uses free fonts 
Help File
Photographs Not Included

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