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    We understand that certain circumstances, like significant product issues or accidental duplicate purchases, require special consideration. In such cases, we offer a full refund provided the request meets our criteria:

    • The product significantly deviates from its description or has critical issues we can't resolve.
    • The purchase was a duplicate made in error
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  • We include a help file in our templates to cover the basics. If you encounter difficulties using Adobe Indesign, we advise you to use ADOBE HELP; they have everything from tutorials to troubleshooting and support. If you need help specific to a template you are using and have already consulted the help file included with the product, you can contact us HERE

  • Personal License:

    The Personal License allows the Licensee to use the digital product on a single computer or device for personal purposes only. Personal use typically includes using the template for non-commercial activities like personal projects or hobbyist design work.

    Commercial License:

    The Commercial License permits the Licensee to use the template for commercial purposes. This includes using the template for work on behalf of a single client or corporation, but it does not allow the Licensee to resell or redistribute the template as-is.


    Both licenses have certain restrictions in common. For example, the Licensee cannot decompile, reverse engineer, sell, rent, lease, sublicense, or transfer the rights to the digital product. These restrictions are applicable to both Personal and Commercial License holders.

    Commercial Use:

    The primary distinction between the two licenses is that the Commercial License explicitly permits the use of the template for commercial purposes, whereas the Personal License restricts usage to personal, non-commercial purposes.

    Reselling and Redistribution:

    Both licenses prohibit the Licensee from reselling or redistributing the digital product as templates on marketplaces like TemplateMonster, Etsy, Creative Market, or similar platforms. This restriction ensures that the original creator retains control over the distribution of their product.