Freyja Brand Board Kit


The Freyja Brand Boards are a series of easily customizable templates that provide an organized way to present your branding elements (logos, fonts, colors) in one beautiful simple page layout. The 24 templates for Canva/Adobe Indesign are an ideal way to brand pitch clients, or showcase work on social media.

You can customize everything – including the logo, or drop in your own logo design. You could even customize one of the logos from our Freyja Logo pack and drop that in! ;)

What is it?

In these days of social media and instant communication, it's vital for brands to have a consistent look across all platforms. Gone are the days when you could hand your branding over to one person in the company and hope they do a good job. Nowadays, many people work on marketing teams that need access to brand elements like logos, fonts, colors and more. With Freyja Brand Boards, you can present your branding elements (logos, fonts) in an organized way - with clean lines and beautiful color schemes - all from one page!

The Freyja Brand Sheets include; Logo and Sub-Marks, Colors, Typography, Mood, Digital and more

What can I customize?

Everything is fully customizable.

  • The template includes editable placeholder Logos and Sub-Marks.
  • The fonts and colors can be changed to suit your brand
  • The Apple products are drawn as shapes so you can change the color of devices. You can even change the Instagram​ bio text and profile pic!
What sizes does it come in?
1080 x 1920px
Does it include the photos?

No, the photographs and mock-ups are for illustrative purposes only. Your template will have basic placeholders in place of photographs.

24 Slides
Vector Logo
1080 x 1920px
Compatible with CANVA and Indesign CS4, CS5, CS5.5, CS6 and CC 
Includes an .IDML file
Paragraph, Character and Object Styles
Edit brand colors through palette  
Aligned to a Column and Baseline Grid 
Master Pages 
Images, Text and Background on separate layers
Uses free fonts 
Help File
Photographs Not Included

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